Brand24 – Monitor the buzz around your brand

Do you want to monitor your social media presence in real time? Or want to keep eye on customer insights or your competitors?
Brand24 helps you in keeping bird’s eye on products, brands, competitors or your area of interests and give actionable intelligence relevant to it.

Brand24 offers social CRM and social monitoring platform, which empowers brands to get real time customer insights and actionable intelligence across multiple social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, message boards and news sites. Brand24 provides access to customer insights, influencer analysis, sentiment analysis, automated & customized PDF reports, info-graphics and much more online, as well as via instant email or mobile app alerts.

Interacting with your customers in real time is important to retain them, also it’s necessary to be updated on competitor’s latest round of funding, new features they introduced and buzz around them. Analyzing & comparing is not easy even if you have lot of data until you use that data to get actionable insights. Collecting data is easy but leveraging the data to get maximum information out of it is not. Here, Brand24 comes into the play. It is used by across industry segments worldwide including biggies like IKEAUBERIntel, etc.

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It’s very easy to setup Brand24.
Sign up with your email & password and you will be prompted with option to monitor i.e. Brand, Sales leads, Competitor or any other topic. Choose topic, enter keywords and you are done.
Best feature i like about Brand24 is, it also shows you mentions of last 30 days (in case you got late to set it up). You can then give your project a name, exclude keywords (additional keywords – none of which can appear if the mention is to be collected).


  1. Search –  You may have hundreds of thousands of mentions, so you can search your mention by entering any keyword in the box. You can also make use of few wildcards in search e.g. searching for ‘[not] Steve’ will show all your mentions where ‘Steve’ was not present.
  1. Sentiment analysis – Brand24 identifies the sentiments with good accuracy. You can view the mentions in ‘Quote’ section that caters to positive/negative sentiments with highlighted keyword. It also helps you to filter your mentions by ‘Spam filter’ that includes spam & duplicate mentions.
  2. Data visualization –  You can create info-graphics, interactive graph and charts, including line chart, doughnut chart, pie chart, bar chart, etc. for your mentions. It will help the analysts to decide where you are getting more attention.
  3. Competitive analysis –  You can compare multiple projects with beautiful graphs. It will analyze different projects all together and helps you to benchmark your company against your competitors.

    Compare - Brand24

    Compare – Brand24

  1. Export data – You can export your mentions, reports, graphs or quotes in Excel or PDF format. It can directly be then sent to your colleagues, manager or analysts.
  2. Data filtering –  You can filter your mentions by influence score of source, time period (in days, weeks, months …), domain, media type, authors, etc. And the best part is that you can save your combination of filters and give it a friendly name.

There are lot more features in Brand24 like data latency, trend analysis, social CRM, archiving of data, API integration with third party products /CRMs, reporting, workflow management etc.

Why use Brand24?

  1. Generate Sales leads – You can generate opportunity for sales leads by using Brand24 in smart fashion. Think about the prospect’s needs & try to develop keywords that they will be searching for. Create a mention about it and interact with them ASA you got any mention, being responsive is a key here. If you are late, your competitor will take away your prospect. e.g. This is how Brand24 uses it: They seek for people who ask online for recommendations for Internet monitoring solutions. Then their community manager does a job with interacting with these users letting them know about Brand24.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            community-manager-sales-lead
  2. Real time monitoring – Monitoring a brand on internet is as valuable as building & marketing it. Brand24 makes it easy for you to monitor the talks going on about your brand on the internet.
  3. Check on competition – In competitive world where everybody is trying to be at top position, you must have eye on what users are talking about your competitor’s product, what new features they have introduced, what make them come in news etc. After that, you can easily compare your shout with your competitor.
  4. Sentiments – Your product sales may be growing by implementing new growth hack technique but what users are talking about your brand. Do they really like / dislike any feature? Are they are happy with your new pricing structure. Are your employees happy while working for you?
    Sentiment analysis power of Brand24 will get you deep into this.

    Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis

  5. Customer engagement – If you do not engage with your customer online, you can’t grow in this digital world. You may have team ready to answers your users queries on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. But if you can’t spot them, it is like losing an opportunity.


Why not use Brand24:
We have found only 1 point where Brand24 lacks. If you are getting lot of mentions & you have a large team which engages with your users, you cannot reply/like/comment/re-tweet from your Brand24 account. It can’t connect with your social media accounts. However it has an “Engage” button which transfers you to the original mention where users can make interactions.


Brand24 comes with three pricing models starting from $49/month and offers 14-day free trial without any contract or credit card. If you need big plan, it also offers custom plans based upon your requirements and needs.

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Brand24 is an easy to use & affordable tool to track mentions and help brands know their users and competitors in better way. You can also use its iOS or android app.


50% off for StartupYar users

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Betalist – Get users before product launch

Are you planning a startup?
Do you think getting early users for your startup is difficult?
Want early adopters for quick feedback about your product?

If answer to above questions is Yes, Beta List is here to help you.

Betalist - Get early users

Beta list – Get early users

Beta List is a place for early adopters to discover upcoming internet startups, and for startup founders to share their startup with the world and get early user feedback.

Getting initial users to give valuable feedback for your MVP so as to give it a better shape is always important yet not easy.
Beta list solves this problem by listing your yet-to-launch product on their page and if their large pool of audience(over 25,000) likes it they will hand over their email address to you so that they get to know about your cool product launch first. (more…)

Keeping review

Do you use Gmail to reply to customer support queries?Are you a small business having support team of few members?

If answer to above question is yes, Keeping is a tool that you would love to investigate. Keeping is a Customer Support tool that integrates with your Gmail account and lets your team collaborate & deliver better customer support.

Traditionally, small companies manage customer support requests through their company email but when the team expands, it becomes too complex to manage. This happens because

– It ends up in sending multiple replies to same customer by different team members.

– Or no member replies to request.

Also, it becomes difficult to compare which support member has high efficiency. Increasing problem gave rise to large number of dedicated customer support system having lot of features, automated replies, specific support ID for each request and much more.

One such product to manage customer service is Keeping™. It adds customer support functionality to Gmail. (more…)