Betalist – Get users before product launch

Are you planning a startup?
Do you think getting early users for your startup is difficult?
Want early adopters for quick feedback about your product?

If answer to above questions is Yes, Beta List is here to help you.

Betalist - Get early users

Beta list – Get early users

Beta List is a place for early adopters to discover upcoming internet startups, and for startup founders to share their startup with the world and get early user feedback.

Getting initial users to give valuable feedback for your MVP so as to give it a better shape is always important yet not easy.
Beta list solves this problem by listing your yet-to-launch product on their page and if their large pool of audience(over 25,000) likes it they will hand over their email address to you so that they get to know about your cool product launch first.

So, what it takes to submit your product into Beta list:

It’s free. Yes, its completely free to submit your startup for review but their are few requirements that you must fulfill:
1) Your product should not be live yet
If your product is already live (even in beta), your submission will get rejected.

2) You must have decent-looking ‘coming soon’ landing page with option for users to enter their email address.
Their motive is to get you beta users. Once those golden users saw your yet-to-launch product, they might be interested in trying it. So, you must capture their email address and let them know when your product is launched.

3) Custom design:
If you created the landing page using some template, Beta list will catch you and you will be rejected. Your design should be custom build by your team that shows your efforts and love for their audience.

How much time they will take to get reviewed

This is very hard question.

Due to number of requests they receives for submission, it may take 2-3 months to get reviewed.

Update: Startups hear within a few days if they’re accepted or rejected due to a faster initial review, the schedule queue however is still approx 2 months, if they don’t change their design or status since acceptance they get a guarantee to be featured.
If you can’t wait for such a long period, you can choose to opt for expedited review at just $99 for 3 days or $199 for one day review. It’s easy.

Beta list is for you if:

> You are planning a startup
> You have started working on your product but not launched yet
> You want beta testers for your product
> You want initial subscribers for newsletter
> You are keen to discover upcoming startups

Beta list differentiate itself from other startup media in a way that they’re only focused on pre-launch startups, so they’re generally the first to write about a startup.
Till date, Beta list published close to 6000 startups on their site that include Pinterest, Mailbox,  & IFTTT. Some of the apps featured on Beta list got acquired by big players. e.g. Acompli was acquired by Microsoft.

Featured startups on Betalist

Startups on Beta list

Beta list is not for you if:

> You have launched a product
> If you are in beta stage (except if private beta is invite only)


It takes time to build a product. Just create a custom landing page and submit it to Beta list for free. If your product meets the criteria, you will get featured before your launch (we hope so).
Otherwise, pay a small amount of $99 for fast review. (If you opt for expedite review by paying few bucks, and does not get featured due to qualification criteria, you will get full refund)

Marc  (founder of Betalist) – We don’t deserve your money if we can’t help you.


If you have not launched your internet startup yet, we recommend to must use this platform. You will easily get good initial traction and sign-ups.

  1. Founder of BetaList here. Thanks for spreading the word!

    Just wanted to make one small correction with regards to the expedited reviews. You write the following:

    > Otherwise, pay a small amount of $99 for fast review. (If you opt for expedite review by paying few bucks, it does not guarantee you will get featured, it just make the review process faster)

    In the past it was true that expediting the review didn’t guarantee getting featured, because the startup still had to qualify. If it didn’t however, we’d issue a full refund. We don’t deserve your money if we can’t help you.

    Nowadays, we do a quick check after you’ve submitted your startup. Usually within a day or so. Only if your startup qualifies to get featured are you presented with the option to expedite the process. This way you can’t even pay us unless we’re sure we can help you.

    Additionally we have a very flexible refund policy so if for whatever you pay to expedite the process and aren’t satisfied with the results we offer a full refund as well.

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