One Word: Product Hunt

Thousands of great products launch every day. But only few of them cross the hurdle of getting initial traction.

StartupYar was one among few who got introduced to our audience by Product Hunt. For those who don’t know about Product Hunt, it’s a community of entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, makers & early adopters. Everyday new and few awesome products are selected and up voted by this community.

Product Hunt has become so big that today most of the best companies do exclusive launch of their product here. Best thing about Product Hunt is different privileges to different users. Only few people have rights to submit the product to featured page.

It was September 16, and product hunter @vincentcassar (founder of put us on the list. We were busy in fixing some issue on our site and first tweet I got was from Product Hunt – “@varunbagga8 You are added as maker of product StartupYar”.

Product hunt tweet - Varun Bagga (StartupYar)

Product hunt tweet – Varun Bagga

I just called Varinder (Co-founder StartupYar) and asked him to push all changes on production and do no further change as we were on one of the biggest platform Product Hunt. After a minute, we both nervous, marked as maker of StartupYar, took deep breath and waited for votes to come (As we know the noise of PH).

In no more time, we were really getting noticed and started rising in stack of all products. Our phone started buzzing with tweets & mentions. We were on Cloud 9. We kept checking our position & votes after every 5 minutes and it was increasing like hell. At that time, US people (from where maximum traffic came) was in sleep mode and we were waiting for them to wake up and have a look at our product. It was crazier than waiting for high school results.

This is what we got:

  • 600 + votes and got 3rd position out of 34 products listed on that day
Product hunt home - StartupYar

Product hunt homepage

  • More than 21,000 page views
Product hunt analytics - StartupYar

Analytics – StartupYar

  • 5300 + users from PH only
Users from product hunt - StartupYar

Users from product hunt

  • More than 500 subscribers for newsletters
  • About 100 RT’s/ Mentions on twitter

Tweet - StartupYar

Tweet - StartupYar

Tweet - StartupYar

  • 100 + requests from companies to get listed on StartupYar platform.
  • Lot of suggestions & appreciation emails.


Things didn’t stop here. We got covered by various tech blogs across the world including China, Italy, US & India. We really thank them all for picking us.

Even we got lot of requests on our personal LinkedIn & Facebook accounts.

I remember one of the comment on PH from Craig Barber when Sandra from Google ask us to include ‘Primer’ (pilot project by Google) in StartupYar that inspired us to move an extra mile:

Product hunt comment - StartupYar

And best part was someone registered “” & “” to get featured in StartupYar. It was funny too, we couldn’t stop giggling .



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