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Do you use Gmail to reply to customer support queries?Are you a small business having support team of few members?

If answer to above question is yes, Keeping is a tool that you would love to investigate. Keeping is a Customer Support tool that integrates with your Gmail account and lets your team collaborate & deliver better customer support.

Traditionally, small companies manage customer support requests through their company email but when the team expands, it becomes too complex to manage. This happens because

– It ends up in sending multiple replies to same customer by different team members.

– Or no member replies to request.

Also, it becomes difficult to compare which support member has high efficiency. Increasing problem gave rise to large number of dedicated customer support system having lot of features, automated replies, specific support ID for each request and much more.

One such product to manage customer service is Keeping™. It adds customer support functionality to Gmail.


Setting up Keeping is an easy process. Simply click on the “Add Keeping™ to Gmail” button and you will be prompted to download the Chrome extension. After the extension is downloaded, you have to fill basic information & log in to Google so as to link Keeping with your Gmail account.

After the linking is successful, Keeping toolbar will be visible on standard Gmail view in your account. Last stage of setup process is to setup a support mailbox & adding team members.

Setup keeping - customer support tool

Setting up keeping is easy



-> Collaboration:

Team members can assign the responsibility of incoming mails to other members in a team. Also, they can add note/comment (for other members) to mails so that customer query can be solved in effective manner. Team members has option to see the different tabs for incoming mails with status as open, closed, unassigned mails. They can also see which emails are assigned specifically to them.

Collaboration in keeping - customer support tool


-> Answering emails automatically:

It is one of the features that save a lot of time for your support team. Answering same question again & again is a manual process and Keeping help you build knowledge base of previously asked questions and their machine learning technology answers similar questions automatically by just tapping a ‘Auto response’ button.

Answering emails automatically

Answering emails automatically

Intelligent algorithm automatically detects typos or any grammatical errors easily.

-> Dashboard for tracking:

Detailed report in dashboard helps you keep track on different team members and compare each other’s efficiency. It also display few key metrics like number of emails received per day and how long team takes to respond to them. Comparing your today’s performance with long period helps you take key decisions if any change is required in way they operate.

Dashboard keeping - Customer support tool

Dashboard keeping


Why use Keeping:

-> No need to learn new tool

If you know how to use Gmail, you can use Keeping without any trainings.

-> Managed shared mailbox:

If some team member replied to any request, it will not be shown in unanswered emails of other members.

-> Personal touch:

Customer will not be able to see any support ID, which looks like personal attention is given to customer request (it’s not just another request).

-> No external site for managing customer support:

Keeping just add as separate folder in your Gmail account

-> Security:

No questions arise on security factor. If you trust Google, you trust Keeping. As you are already using Google mail , so you definitely trust them.

Who cannot use Keeping:

-> If you don’t use Gmail for your company emails.

-> If your team members don’t use Chrome browser (More than 50% of users use Chrome on their desktop & mobile)


Keeping come with 3 pricing models starting with just $15/month and 14 days trial period.


If you use Google apps & Gmail in your company and don’t want to spend much amount & time on customer support, Keeping is a solution for you.


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